Example Diagrams

Concept Maps

 A Concept Map describing key concepts of Vithanco itself. 

A Concept Map around some Star Wars concept in the Star Layout Mode.

IBIS Diagrams

An IBIS diagram about the IBIS Notation


Current Reality Trees

The same Current Reality Tree (CRT), left in light appearance, right in dark appearance. Dark Appearance is a feature introduced with macOS 10.14 Mojave.

A medium-size diagram with 56 Nodes: The Current Reality Tree Example from Goldratt’s “It’s not Luck“. Goldratt doesn’t define it completely in the novel, so please send me improvements. Fun Fact: He doesn’t connect UDE #11 at all in the novel. 

Benefit Breakdown Structure

An example diagram for the Benefit Breakdown Structure. It explains basic concepts of how to use benefit realisation in a project.

Causal Loop Diagram

This is an example for Causal Loop Diagrams (or CLD). CLDs come with automatic loop detection. The “B”s or “R”s are indicators of the loops. And if you hoover over them the corresponding loop is highlighted.

Decision Tree

A Decision Tree to decide on your next Vithanco Diagram (March 2019)

This is a simple example for Decision Trees.