Making Vithanco even Better

You might have realised that there was a big number of small releases for the main App, Vithanco. I assume you realise the difference in use. I want the App to be as smooth and as easy to use as possible. The version that is currently in review with Apple is Version 1.9.11. Since the release of V1.9, I have done changed the following:

New Stuff

• Added new “unsure” Node Types for Concept Maps. You can add them to the model via the “Domain” menu
• Add graph name, author, version to diagram via settings -> “Document”. This will be added to exported documents as well, leaving a reference to the people using your diagrams.
• Improved Node Type Editor, now allowing coloured text and a new node look (icon & text without a line around the node)
• New “Focus on Concept” button allows highlighting a concept with adjacent concepts. Useful for big concept maps, especially with tweaked selection.
• Added the Goal Tree, a less often known diagram from the Theory of Constraint family
• Improved startup dialog for a new document
• A new settings dialog “Unflatten” – allowing to distribute “children” nodes in 2 dimensions.

Tweaked Stuff

• Moved the buttons outside of the node, increases visibility of node text when hoovering over
• Better layout of in-place editor, now providing more space & with same font as box
• The view no longer moves automatically to center on the clicked node if possible. Much easier to use the app for big diagrams
• Selection of predecessors / successors moved to menu from toolbar and got shortcuts.
• Can now repeatedly select predecessors / successors, therefore allows to mark up to the 4th layer of successors
• Improved selecting of nodes via rectangle selection, especially when zoomed
And of course, I fixed multitude of bugs and annoyances.

Why am I telling you this?

This list should be encouraging to you. Please let me know what else is missing from the list. What would you like to have changed?
An app like Vithanco lives from real user feedback. I will gladly incorporate it if it provides value. Just let me know:
You might notice that this was a list of tweaks. The next big thing is in preparation, but it will require many more months before it will be released. Stay tuned.