• Domain Structure View: Domain structure views are showing schematically the Domain. Each node represents a Node Type. The On/Off symbol represents the starting point. Edges going from there point to the Starting Node Types. From there the Edges show suggested predecessors and successors. So if a Concept Node Type has an edge pointing at the Relation Node Type then Concept is a suggested predecessor for a Relation. If the Edge has arrows at both sides is each Node Type a suggested predecessor (and successor) of the other. If there is an Edge that points with both sides to the same Node Type, then the Node Type can be it’s own predecessor (and successor).
    domain Concept Maps
    The Domain Structure View for Concept Maps
  • Starting Node Type (previously named Starting Point): A Domain’s starting Node Types will be suggested when you create the first node in a Graph.  Any Node Type can be a starting Node Node Type. In a Domain Structure View you can see the Power On/Off symbol at the bottom. Edges are pointing from the On/Off symbol towards the Starting Node Types.