Export Diagrams to Flying Logic

Flying Logic is a great software that was in many ways an inspiration for Vithanco. It has some features that Vithanco lacks and has some other strengths. One key strength is that it is written in Java and therefore available on all systems, including Windows and Linux.

I recently got a request to write an export for Flying Logic and it works now. It will be released with the next version. What it does is to transfer all Nodes, Node annotations, Node Types, Clusters, Cluster annotations and Edges. The resulting Flying Logic diagram is therefore a close match.

How to export for Flying Logic?

Just use the new version export option in the menu: File->Export->Export to CSV.

How to import into Flying Logic?

Choose File -> Import -> Import Diagram from CSV …

The choose the settings according to the screenshots below.

First dialogue. The checkbox “Create new Document” can be selected as well.
The second Dialogue. Please use the above selections in the drop down fields.

Limitations and “Worth Knowing”

  • Please note that this conversion isn’t lossless. Vithanco has many additional settings (e.g. edge annotations) which cannot be transferred.
  • Flying Logic (Version 3.0.12) ignores the Entity Class if this class doesn’t exist. So, in most cases you want to manually create the classes in Flying Logic prior to the import.
  • If you want to import several diagrams with the same Vithanco Domain then you want to save the Flying Logic Domain as default (Menu: Domain -> Save Domains as default) prior to the second import in order to have the Flying Logic classes ready for the second import.