What does it mean: Visual Graph Editor?


Vithanco is a visual graph editor. The graph referred to is a graph made of a set of nodes (or vertices) and edges (or connections). Graphs can be used in many ways as shown with the list of supported diagram types above.

On the first look Vithanco might look like other visualisation software like e.g. MS Visio. Like in Visio will you have different shapes (nodes) and connect them. However, Vithanco has a different approach in two important ways:

  • Vithanco layouts the graph for you. There are many ways how to influence the outcome but you cannot position a specific node to a specific location. The location of each note is calculated based on the relationship of the nodes in a way that the graph is easily understandable.
  • Vithanco provides you with a graphical language that restricts what nodes can be connected to each other and hence guides you through the creation of a “valid” graph. Each Vithanco diagram is created according to a “Domain”. A domain is a set of Node Types that define the looks of the different Nodes and which Node Types can be connected via an Edge. What does that mean? If a domain says that Questions can only be followed by Answers and Answers can only be followed by Comments then Vithanco ensures that you don’t connect Comments to Questions (unless you override).
Vithanco’s Meta Model

The above makes Vithanco so useful for all analysis and planning activities.