New User Interaction Approach for Vithanco

We have simplified the user interaction approach of Vithanco. It was already released with Vithanco 1.4. The new approach is reducing the numbers of popup windows and hence keeps the focus on the canvas/diagram.

The standard behaviour of clicks has changed. If you double click a node you can immediate start typing on the canvas. A text field is overlaying the node and awaits changes. Leaving the text field with the mouse or pressing [Return] will end the editing.

Vithanco 1.4
Please note the new editing box (highlighted in blue) on the canvas.

The previously for this used Node Editor dialog can be reached either by pressing [CMD] when clicking on the node, or via right click (two finger click on trackpad) or using the little wrench symbol on the top right.

These changes  felt so natural that the clusters and edges got the same behaviour.

Please let us know what you think!

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