Visual Thinking with Theory of Constraints

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I am a big fan of the Theory of Constraints (TOC). I read the book "The Goal" years ago - actually after I was presented with the great application "Flying Logic". Ever since then was I wondering why Flying Logic is so expensive. It is such a great tool and so applicable to many kinds of issues - but simply too expensive. When I was starting with the Visual Thinking for IBIS application did I have Flying Logic in mind? I wanted a Mac tool that is similar to Flying Logic, but easier to use.

I have now done a big step in that direction. I have released the first version of "Vithanco TOC". It is an early release as the visual language is more complex and will need some adjustments. The next problem is that TOC has several different diagram types and the app needs to cater for it. But, I have a workable first version.

Please add comments to the project page.

Currently supported thinking processes are:

  • Transition Tree (TRT or TT)
  • Future Reality Tree (FRT)
  • Current Reality Tree (CRT)
  • Evaporating Cloud (sometimes: conflict resolution diagram or CRD)
  • Prerequisite Tree (PRT)

If you want to understand these thinking processes, please consider finding or buying a copy of Lisa Scheinkopf's "Thinking for a Change" from 1999. A quick overview of these is available in the mind map that I did on the topic of the Theory of Constraints.

Please give me feedback on my software. What process to add next? Where is the graphical language not what you would have expected? I am happy to change directions to take in user feedback - and the above is the proof. Thanks to all that are sending me feedback in advance.

Update: 26.7.2023: updated the link