Vithanco Rebranding

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes.

I have been working on my Visual Thinking application line. It's time to explain future developments.

The rebranding became necessary when Apple changed the App Store Rules and my existing names became too long for the new rules. I needed to shorten the name although I liked the rather verbose "Visual Thinking" branding. After some thinking I decided on "Visual Thinking and Communication" or in short: "Vithanco". I like the new name because it stands for how I think about these applications. They are tools for thinking and tools for communication. And since I was working on it, I worked on a new logo.

logo 2880x1800

Along with the rebranding came new features I had already been working on. Keyboard control, spell checking, performance improvements (now diagrams with 100+ nodes are as fast as diagrams with 10 nodes), and clusters.

This was the easy part. I made one more decision that needed more consideration. I will switch from several small applications to one application. I intend to update the one Domain applications that I have going forward. But my main focus will be on Vithanco - the generic App. The different diagrams that you can create with the IBIS, Concept Maps, or TOC variants will be part of the new App (in fact you will be able to open them in the generic application). The variants are basically "Notations" within Vithanco. Each diagram will be created according to a particular Notation.

A Concept Map depicting key concepts of Vithanco

New Domains will be included in Vithanco. The first new Notation will be based on the benefit realisation approach that I mentioned earlier. More Notations will follow.

The Notation and Node Type Editor will be only fully functioning in the generic application going forward. I will hence take this functionality from the TOC variant.

With Vithanco I will change the payment model from pay in advance to Freemium. Flying Logic is the only similar software that I know. It sells for 249 USD. I think that is a too high price upfront for private users. Hence, you can try it for free for 2 months before you will be charged 2.99 USD per month. If you don't want to use it, you cancel the subscription. This way -ignoring net present value- you will need to use it for 7 years before you pay the same. Updates won't cost you extra, new Notations won't cost extra. I hope others see this as well as a fair deal.

Vithanco will be released in the coming weeks. I can't wait to see it on the App Store.

Lastly, I am now creating as a new home for the application. I will transfer all software-related content there going forward.

Update: 04.8.2023: updated content slightly to adjust to new names etc. (Like "Notation" instead of "Domain")