The Home of Structured Visual Thinking Methods

The Home of Structured Visual Thinking

Vithanco helps you think in a structured manner with visual diagrams. Use it to organise your thoughts and present them more effectively. Join our newsletter for updates.

Improve Your Thinking

Don't rely solely on your memory to keep track of everything. Instead, use diagrams to help you sort out your thoughts. Vithanco offers a simple, visual approach to capturing and developing ideas. The result is a self-explanatory diagram using visual grammar to structure how things are connected.

How Vithanco Helps

Vithanco makes it easy to create diagrams that help you think and concisely present your ideas. Using visual aids enables you to keep the big picture in view, focus on the task at hand, and conform to structured methods. In addition, you can use the resulting visuals to communicate with stakeholders more effectively.

Relevant Features

Vithanco has many valuable features, including auto-layout, easy drag and drop, keyboard controls, and export to PDF, JPG, and PNG. You can also design your node styles and visual languages and zoom in and out.

Diagram Types

Vithanco offers out-of-the-box support for several diagram types, including Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes, Concept Maps, IBIS Diagrams, Mind Maps, Benefit Breakdown Structures, and Decision Trees. You can use these tools to plan projects, capture discussions, and clarify terminology.

Clarify Terminology

Use Concept Maps to clarify terminology and ensure everyone is on the same page. Create a sentence for each arrow to describe a concept accurately. This approach yields better results than any text-based dictionary.

A Concept Map describing key concepts of Vithanco itself

A Concept Map describing key concepts of Vithanco itself

Capture Discussions

Use IBIS to capture discussions or explore all aspects of a question. This approach allows you to start with a question and capture the answers, ideas, and pros and cons for each. Then, you can elaborate on any node with another question for deeper analysis.

Plan Projects

Use Benefit Breakdown Structures to plan projects and achieve investment objectives. Tracing enablers (such as software) to benefits, you can determine whether a feature is necessary to create any benefit. Start with the end in mind and plan backwards from objectives and benefits.

Vithanco helps you to think more clearly, and visually. So give it a try today!