Facilitate the Start-Up of a Project

Starting a new Project? Can be a very daunting task! I will help you with your project. I will provide you with clarity on the most critical phase of all projects: the start-up phase. Book me for a shared session and I will guide you through the key decisions that you will need to set up your project for success.

And here is my promise:

If you aren't satisfied with the outcome, then you won't pay anything.

In other words, you have peace of mind if you book me. There is no risk for you.

Your goal, clear thoughts

Tangible Session Outcomes

What can you expect? A full session will include the following:

  • Definition of reliable benefits for the project's success, including for each
    • Identification of type of benefit
    • Identification of benefit owner
    • Identification of changes to BAU to realise the benefits
    • Follow-up sheet to ensure that Business Owners will be included in the project as needed
  • Identification of Project Scope via Benefit Breakdown Structure
    • Structured by benefit
    • A dependency tree for all benefits (depending on the available time in the session), similar to a product breakdown structure, includes IT and non-IT activities
    • Provides a base for the business case (or selection of the first feature to choose)
  • Based on the above, the Business Case is mostly done:
    • Benefits and Scope can quickly derive from costs vs benefits
    • Benefits will have measures as appropriate (see here for more information)

Intangible Session Outcomes

These are some of the more intangible Benefits of the session. They include:

  • a shared understanding of the project for all participants
  • understanding of how to use benefits for project success (see here for more information)
  • simple rules to determine whether an easy-to-implement additional feature should be added to the scope or not

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Can you provide an example of the Benefit Breakdown structure? This is an example of the Benefit Breakdown Structure for projects:


A Benefit Breakdown Structure applied to the Facilitation itself

What are the different kinds of Benefits? See the article on type of benefit.