Use Templates to Make the Most of your own Notations

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Vithanco comes with a set of Domains, spanning different areas like Benefit Mapping, Concept Mapping, Causal Loop Diagrams or Theory of Constraints Thinking Processes. However, new use cases regularly require a new "language". New node types and the right recommendations for predecessors and successors create a new syntax for the next diagram. It happens often to me that I adjust existing domains for specific needs or even create a completely new domain. And these changes are often needed the next time I create a new diagram for the same area.

For example, I once created a simple graphical language for writing text. It had only a few elements like "Fact", "Conclusion", and "Experience". I used it for a while whenever I was writing and sometimes still come back to it.

Templates were created based on user requests. They fulfil the need to save local Domains. They are basically diagrams saved for simplified retrieval. Hence, save some nodes in your template and these nodes will be reproduced when you start a diagram based on that template. If you want to create a structure for the use of the domain as with the Evaporating Cloud then you can now do so!

Vithanco makes it easy to find a specific template again by showing relevant template information, like a diagram screenshot, the meta model and a description. If you have improved a template simply override it.

Loading and Saving Templates

Loading and Saving Templates

Access templates saving and loading from the file menu.

Finally, if you believe that you have a useful Domain, please send it to the developer team. We will gladly add good domains so they are available out of the box.