Explore Vithanco's Rich Library of Notations

At the heart of Vithanco's capabilities is its diverse and versatile library of Notations. Each Notation serves as a unique graphical language, complete with its own set of Node Types. The real strength of these Node Types lies in their ability to establish connections through Edges, enabling you to build structured and meaningful diagrams. Vithanco supports an array of Notations right out of the box, ready to streamline your processes and enhance your problem-solving capabilities.

You can use these Notations as you like but we recommend that you use the Methods whenever possible.

Choosing the right Notation for your particular use case is like selecting the right language to express your thoughts most effectively. We differentiate the inbuilt notations based on a two-stage approach. We as knowledge workers must in most cases understand where we are operating and then we can plan and execute. Hence we differentiate between Listen & Learn Notations and Think & Triumph Notations. More on this classification later.

A classification of Vithanco Notations

Here is a glimpse into the various Notations you'll have at your fingertips with Vithanco (navigate via the menu to the right):

  • Change Management Notations: Perfect for project-centric applications, our Project Management Notations include the Benefit Breakdown Structure and Impact Mapping. The former supports project analysis by initiating with the project's objective and benefits in mind, subsequently thinking backwards to identify necessary changes and enablers. The latter facilitates brainstorming of potential features.

In addition, we have other Notations like

As a Vithanco user, you're not limited to our pre-established Notations. Did you know that you can create your own Notations? The graph at the top of this page is a prime example of a custom Notation that I created for that specific diagram.

Ready to dive deeper? Explore our range of Change Management Notations and discover the perfect graphical language for your needs.

What are Notations?

Notations define the Meta Model of a graph

Notations define the Meta Model of a graph, providing structure to your thoughts and ideas.